Hoonigan sees 30% surge in sales YoY after migrating to Shopify

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Hoonigan is an automotive lifestyle brand with a fanatic audience base. Conceived by Ken Block and Brian Scotto, the company makes cars fun through experiential events, media, apparel, and product collaborations. When Hoonigan started to grow rapidly, it became clear their previous ecommerce provider was overly complex and couldn’t scale with the agility they needed. After learning about the world of developer plugins and features from Shopify Plus, Hoonigan knew it was time to make the move.

From there, Hoonigan worked with Shopify Plus partner, Ethercycle, to handle the complexities of their business. Ethercycle’s expertise in the automotive industry, paired with the sophisticated capabilities of Shopify Plus, proved to be the perfect pair. Hoonigan is now able to integrate their ERP system and implement new features without the need to have a full-time developer on staff. Product detail pages and category landing pages are easy to update. Hoonigan also leverages native marketing features like heat mapping and A/B testing to iterate their site and continue to elevate their customer’s experience.

With Shopify Plus, Hoonigan saw results fast.

increase in sales YoY
increase in conversion rate YoY
increase in average order value YoY

Shopify and its ecosystem of apps and developers has been instrumental in helping us remain proactive and nimble while growing our online business in this ever-changing environment.

Steve DeMarsSVP of Product, Hoonigan

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