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When Karolyn Fox — founder of Military Hippie, an online boutique offering a unique collection of bohemian and vintage fashions — recently ramped her PPC ad spend she chose Shopify Plus as her commerce platform.

Why? Because unlike traditional platforms, Shopify Plus scales on demand and allows Fox to easily integrate unique technology solutions to offer improved customer experiences.

With Plus, Military Hippie is:

  • Allowing customers to log in with their social media accounts
  • Offering custom discounts for sharing with friends
  • Providing community feeds where users can discover new products


With a finely tuned collection of offerings including wardrobe staples, sweaters and jackets designed to replace uncomfortable suits or tight dresses, Military Hippie launched a Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign that resulted in accelerated revenue growth. The ongoing campaign was so successful, Military Hippie outgrew one warehouse after another.

A woman models a dark green camouflage parka.
A woman models a light, white long sleeve shirt with colourful feather designs on the front.

It also posed another daunting challenge: how to simultaneously scale the business while also significantly improving the customer experience. “To be honest we’re not in shock but it is a bit overwhelming to take in,” Fox says. “I have amazing workers who have never taken a day off. It’s why I’m giving out bonuses and raises every other week.”

We don’t want to be just another sweater or jacket brand. We want to be the brand that makes your favorite sweater or jacket.

Nikki SequeiraChief Marketing Officer, Military Hippie


To achieve both objectives, Military Hippie chose Shopify Plus. The platform freed Fox and Sequeira to focus their attention on ROI-generating digital advertising efforts instead of being bogged down by heavy design and development work.

Military Hippie customer story photo 4

Importantly, Fox credits Plus’ ability to easily and quickly integrate with third-party applications like SocialShopWave, which provides merchants with a collection of apps that improves the customer experience, boosts engagement, and increases loyalty with social-media specific logins, discounts, and promotions.

“The integration has really helped our brand go viral,” Fox says.


With plans to one day design the vast majority of their collections, Military Hippie is trying to source enough inventory to keep up with current demand. Fox credits a much-improved customer experience and a sharpened digital marketing effort with yielding the following results:

  • $400,000 in sales in November 2016
  • $1.25 million in sales by the end of 2016
  • $272,000 in the first week of January 2017

“It’s incredible to wake up in the morning and see we’ve already done tens of thousands of dollars in sales,” Sequeira says. “People are falling in love with the brand.”

Shopify Plus is the best thing I’ve ever discovered. It’s easy to use and gives me full control over my business.

Karolyn FoxFounder, Military Hippie

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