Find out why the world’s best brands choose Shopify Plus.

Boll & Branch relies on Avalara to ease the tax burdens of a $100M company

Leesa beat its bed-in-a-box competitors to market using Shopify Plus

HiSmile eclipsed $130 million through influencer marketing and going global

The Home Security Superstore sees its biggest year ever with 70% increase in conversion rate

NOBULL accelerates ecommerce growth with a focus on loyalty and retention to increase repeat buyers by 46%

Crossrope increases revenue by 90% by replatforming amidst explosive growth

Boxraw grew to $8M+ in revenue and 7X the team all in two years

Snug increased its revenue 10X after migration

Pangaia made $75M in revenue while growing its team 12X

Ooni grew sales 400% with a surge in conversion rate

How Hypnotik saves $400,000 a year in development costs by replatforming to Shopify Plus

Cozykids uses Flow and Launchpad to automate its processes, remove human error, and dramatically increase efficiency

Hawkers scales to 10,000+ orders per day using Shopify Plus

100% Pure uses Shopify Plus to create custom tooling to track inventory internationally

Paul Valentine went headless to help sell in 131 countries across 20 global stores

Muscle Nation’s $4 million Black Friday sale handled more than 200,000 site visitors at once

Upscale Audio used ready-made apps to grow revenue 6X and triple conversion rate

With new pricing scripts, Tamburlaine Organic Wines increased its online sales by 88%

After migrating, Pineapple Dance Studios’ site loaded 40% faster

Pura Vida’s ‘great recipe’ for success boosted revenue 50% YoY

Grace & Lace handled its “Shark Tank” demand, but required replatforming to find the flexibility needed to grow

Rollie Nation reduced page load times and increased conversions after migration

Jack Rogers increased conversion by 30% and revenue by 69% after migrating

Why Death Wish Coffee integrated its ERP system with Shopify Plus to scale for the Super Bowl

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