Flash sales and campaigns

Automate campaigns, product drops, and flash sales

Without breaking a sweat on the front end or the back

Kylie Jenner, Founder of Kylie Cosmetics

“We launched at 3 o’clock and I refreshed the page and it was gone. It was under a minute. It had to be like 20 seconds and it all sold out. I was just in shock. I never imagined it would become as big as it has.”

Kylie JennerFounder of Kylie Cosmetics


Performing under pressure

Shopify Plus makes running high-profile campaigns and events easy. Combine demand-generating apps like Frenzy, 16 sales channels, and full automation before and after… all within a SaaS platform built for unmatched scalability.

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 3 million hits per second
  • 6,000 checkouts per minute
  • 99.97% uptime
  • Zero outages on Black Friday, Cyber Monday
Ben Francis, CEO of GymShark

“The great thing about Shopify Plus is the fact we fundamentally trust the platform. It’s so scalable. We can go into Black Friday and don’t need to worry about the website crashing, whether we can or can’t handle it. There’s something to be said about something that just works.”

Ben FrancisCEO of GymShark


Demand-generating campaigns

Today, flash sales aren’t about discounts or overstocked products. They’re the secret behind product drops, limited runs, and VIP retention. Schedule, launch, and automate everything leading up to a campaign, then roll it back automatically.


Shopify Plus merchants receive exclusive access to Launchpad, ecommerce’s first full-scale automation tool to unleash, monitor, and manage campaigns.

  • Exclusivity

    Create invitation-only and limited-release product collections

  • Demand

    Automatically push selected products to sales channels

  • Scarcity

    Lock your site prior to events and schedule custom changes

  • Optimize

    Track performance with real time dashboards

“The push notifications on my Shopify smartphone app were going crazy. In just a week we were doing in revenue what some of the biggest artists do in an entire month. We wound up doing $2 million in 30 days.”

Charlie JabaleyCo-Founder Street Execs

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