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Going global is the key to growth. As you expand, managing data and localizing customer experiences become costly and tedious, while demand requires you to be nimble. You end up spending more time managing complexity and less time on building and marketing the product itself.

Shopify Plus is your secret to making it work. Our platform helps you operate and sell into local regions without the complexity, so you can keep your focus on your business instead of the technology.

“Global from day one” on Shopify Plus

Alex McBride, Co-founder of the 5TH

“We were global from day one and knew we had to connect better with our international audiences. Shopify’s been great in allowing us to talk to and engage with a global audience, and also manage that seamlessly on the backend.”

Alex McBrideCo-founder of the 5TH

Need a plan to scale internationally? Download the enterprise guide to global ecommerce.

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Global and scalable

Be flexible with cross border ecommerce

Global commerce is booming. The fastest growing markets now lie beyond traditional borders. Keeping pace with this opportunity demands an international ecommerce platform that lets you sell globally and connect locally.

Find out how Gymshark scaled for Global Growth on Shopify Plus.

  • Build your global strategy on a SaaS platform that can handle your volume
  • Global dual CDNs for speed and functionality
  • PCI Level 1 Compliant
  • Rely on the robust Shopify API to connect you to your global solutions, like ERP, 3PL, OMS, IMS, and more
  • Directly integrate with international warehouses and fulfillment solutions

Localize experiences

Sell around the globe with Expansion Stores

Deliver a multi-country and multi-channel ecommerce experience tailored for different languages, currencies, and seasonal trends. Give your customers a personal experience that caters to their local shopping habits.

Find out how Nanoleaf Lowered Costs by Switching to Shopify Payments and using Expansion Stores on Shopify Plus

  • Expansion stores help you provide local currencies, personalized content and products to new markets
  • All Shopify themes are mobile-first, so you can reach your customers wherever they are, on whatever device
  • Choose from the world’s leading payment gateways and international carrier services
  • Gain access to our world-class Shopify Plus Partner network so you can customize storefront and operational needs for localization

Expand quickly

Break into new markets easily

Selling internationally is profitable, but few merchants capitalize on the opportunity because they lack the data and technology to know when and how to go global easily and quickly. Get ahead of your competitors, seize new opportunities, and establish a market presence on Shopify Plus.

Find out how The 5TH Markets to 700,000 Global Fans

  • Know when and where to expand next with built-in analytics and insights
  • Experiment with selling in multiple markets from one store with Shopify Payments
  • Identify high-risk orders and avoid chargebacks on all payment providers with fraud analysis
  • Calculate accurate taxes on every order based on the most up-to-date tax rules with Avalara AvaTax
  • Work on the backend in English French, German, Japanese, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, or Spanish

“You wouldn’t believe the demand for Piper in countries like Australia, Japan, and Canada. Shopify Plus allows us to easily see the location of our sales so we can quickly begin to advertise in parts of the world where we see the best product-market fit.”

Tommy GibbonsGrowth at Piper

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