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Accepting credit card payments as an online business

If you have always dreamed of starting your own online business or working from home, the time is now. Why? The internet is booming, and its importance in everyday life for many is becoming bigger by the day. Best of all, the dream of owning and operating your own online store is not so farfetched anymore thanks to ecommerce software solutions. We have provided ecommerce software to thousands of customers over the years. Ecommerce software is an important part of creating a successful online business or store in particular. It is also important to learn how merchant accounts work as you will need to have one in order to accepted credit card payments through your online store.

Setting up an online store

You may be entirely new to the world of online businesses and ecommerce. If so, we assure you that you are not alone. You may not even know where to begin when starting up your own online store. While the process may seem complicated, it really is not. We strive to give you all of the necessary tools to convert your online business into one that maximizes its potential. Our ecommerce software combines some of the most innovative technology you will find into an affordable package. Best of all, it is easy to use, even if you do not have a lot of technical expertise. Perhaps our most effective feature is our merchant account credit card services. In other words, we allow you to accept credit cards. Merchant accounts are vital to the success of an online business, and we make the entire integration process easy.

The importance of a secure shopping cart

Our secure shopping cart is the key that unlocks your merchant account. Accepting credit cards has never been simpler. Do you have an or NETbilling merchant account? Accept credit cards through your store. How about a PayPal or QuickBooks merchant account? Accept credit cards thanks to our ecommerce software. Shopify integrates with over 100 payment gateways that makes it convenient for your site to accept credit cards. Merchant accounts from some of the biggest names in the industry such as those listed above are fully supported so you really have no limitations in the payment process. You no longer have to worry if you can integrate your old merchant account. Accepting credit cards is what we specialize in when it comes to website design.

Integrating merchant account services

Although our integration with merchant account credit card services could be considered the main highlight of our feature set, we offer so much more to help get your online business off the ground. We make it easy to design your store, even if you have zero programming knowledge. The Theme Store carries more than 100 professional ecommerce templates to suit any kind of website. Once your site is live, we make it easy to run your store. With our content management system, you can add products, edit details, manage inventory, and create categories. We offer ecommerce hosting with unlimited bandwidth that involves zero setup. We also provide marketing and SEO services to ensure that your site gets the maximum flow of traffic. We have implemented mobile ecommerce tools to keep up with the growing mobile demand. You can even check out our App Store to see how our selection of apps can extend the functionality of your site even more.

Our plans have been designed to accommodate budgets of all sizes. We even offer a free thirty-day trial that lets you sample all that we have to offer, so what are you waiting for? Choose Shopify for all of your ecommerce needs today and see the difference we can make!

+ Jannelle Pierce