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How to manage online orders efficiently

Learning about managing online orders is an important task for anyone who wants to set up an Ecommerce website. After all, a growing online business that handles its orders in an accurate and efficient way can begin to build a positive reputation with shoppers. Shopify has a number of options available for Ecommerce website owners that are extremely useful in the effort to manage online orders in an efficient fashion. The following looks at some of the helpful features that we offer to eBusiness owners.

Keeping track of inventory

One of the most common challenges for an online store with a growing number of customers is keeping tracking of inventory. For instance, an owner who is focusing on coming up with new products and advertising may not have enough time to deal with inventory issues. However, having too many out of stock items on a retail website can result in lost customers and damage to a store’s good reputation. At Shopify, we have the solution to this dilemma. We offer eBusiness owners valuable management features that serve to keep a business up and running with efficiency. For example, we offer eBusiness owners inventory warnings that let them know when items are out of stock. In short, online store owners can do a quick check of their sidebar to see which areas of their inventory need attention. Also, we provide eBusiness owners with new order notification via email, RSS feed, and mobile phone (SMS messaging). Essentially, our multichannel order manager works to keep an owner in control of all aspects of his or her online business.

Handling shipping efficiently

Along with keeping track of inventory, shipping plays a significant part in a business owner’s quest to manage online orders efficiently. We understand that all customers want an easy shopping and ordering process as well as fast shipping service. That’s why we offer the owners of Ecommerce websites an order manager system with many shipping-related features to help them keep their customers happy! For instance, we have access to fulfillment services that handle a business’ orders in a fast, reliable way. Consequently, a business owner has more time to concentrate on the quality and uniqueness of his or her products. In addition, we offer eBusiness owners status reports on items that are in the process of being shipped. This helps an owner to be aware of which items are selling particularly well. In the area of marketing, a business owner can take advantage of our services and offer customers free shipping for products. This can be enticing to a visitor to the website who is shopping for the best possible deal on a particular product. Shipping may seem to some like a relatively unimportant part of an Ecommerce transaction. However, fast, reliable shipping plays a critical role in the area of customer service. For instance, a customer who pays for two day shipping and doesn’t receive the product in that period of time will likely return the item when it finally arrives. Furthermore, the individual may never shop at that online store again. That’s what makes our services so valuable to eBusiness owners who want to exceed the expectations of their customers in all areas of a business transaction. When it comes to helping eBusiness owners serve their customers, we have the details covered!

We want the eBusiness owners who work with us to experience success. That’s why we created a multichannel order manager to help them take care of all of the important details of their online business. Our simple, convenient order manager system allows owners to focus on the creative aspects of their business while staying in control of inventory, shipping, and other practical issues.

+ Jannelle Pierce