Arabella Boutique

Arabella Boutique is the go-to for fashion-forward girls all around the world looking for an instant fix of style.

The buying team at Arabella Boutique work around the clock to source the best-of-the-best from international showrooms, which are then made available to our customers online and delivered right to their doorstep!

"The biggest advice I can give to new store owners is the importance of always having a strong vision for your company."

What are the key factors that have helped your store be successful?

As the founder and owner of Arabella Boutique, I have always had a killer instinct for fashion and a strong vision and connection with my customers and passion for my company - it is this attitude which I believe has been key in its success.

After graduating from the University of Auckland with an Honor’s degree, I decided that instead of following a traditional career path like many of my classmates, I would step out to create my own opportunities.

Throughout Arabella Boutique’s early days, I did everything myself and committed myself to hard work and countless sleepless nights - from handpicking collection items, shooting and styling the clothes, writing product descriptions and marketing my products across Arabella Boutique's ever-growing social media channels.

As Arabella Boutique’s notoriety grew with international fashion influencers, products were quickly selling out in a matter of minutes and it became obvious that the team needed to expand.

I have carefully selected a team of creative visionaries to come on board, a team who love what they do because fashion is not a job, but a lifestyle. Fashion comes with ease as it is our natural and instinctive way of seeing the world.

As a fashion forecaster, my instincts consistently guide us in next season's most addictive trends. I see inspiration everywhere - from walking the urban inner-city streets, to exploring dimly-lit vintage stores, to the runways of New York. My eyes are always open to the evolution of fashion.

What are your top recommendations for new store owners?

The biggest advice I can give to new store owners is the importance of always having a strong vision for your company. You, yourself need to live and breathe your business at all times.

With the overwhelmingly negative statistics stating that most new businesses fail in the first three months, remain steadfast in your vision and work hard towards achieving your goals. If I had allowed those facts to discredit my vision, I wouldn’t now be founder and owner of the highly coveted and successful global fashion brand, Arabella Boutique.

Do what you love, and love what you do.

Any Closing Remarks?

From Arabella Boutique’s humble beginnings working from a small desk in my apartment, now to the studio spaces in Auckland, I am deeply involved and intensely passionate about the work that I do.

These are not clothes, these are statement pieces to inspire girls to be the very best they can be - confident, fashion-forward, and unapologetically one-of-a-kind.

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